National Republic of Akritia

A new → state in which good ideas are not called “blind idealism”, but make the basis of the system A country where people are important, not political ambitions and capital

«Does the end justify the means? The high price in the form of thousands of destinies, a false goal — to achieve power at any cost. Machiavellianism is not about the interests of the people and their state, it is about enriching the rich instead of the well—being of the people, it is about satisfying power ambitions instead of the well-being of the people, this is what is called politics.

National and state interests, the democratic world, the electoral system, checks and balances, “free” publications and big business, minority rights, justification of mental disorders — this is for voters, for the people. This is not what determines public policy.

There is no good and beautiful world of civilized Western democracies and evil and terrible Eastern authoritarian dictatorships. Democracy and freedom of speech end where the benefits of an influential politician and entrepreneur begin. Freedom of speech ends where censorship begins for the benefit of freedom of speech, silencing for the benefit of democracy.

It’s a circus. “Anti-corruption” funds run by the most inveterate scoundrels who are fighting what is the norm in “democratic” conditions, but hidden. “Sport is out of politics” and at the same time banned a number of countries from participating in the Olympic Games, as well as creating obstacles in holding their games. Etc.»

A non-profit project of a free and secure state created by ordinary people, not odious individuals. Created not by those who pursue personal gain, but by those who are oppressed by hypocrisy and injustice.

The National Republic of Akritia or simply Akritia is a young independent state formed in the spring of 2023. Although, while Akritia is more like an international non-governmental organization, we strive to achieve recognition as a state.

It is located in the southeastern part of Europe, in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula between Croatia and Serbia.

The capital of Akritia is the city of Koritsa. National languages: Akritian (akricia lingvo), Russian and Ukrainian. The total area of the republic is 7 square kilometers.

The republic has all the key authorities. Chapter — President of AkritiaThe Government and Parliament are the National Assembly. The law enforcement system.

As well as state (national) symbols: flag, coat of arms, anthem. The supreme law of the Republic is — The Constitution.